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Hot water circulator

After the stopcocks are connected into the cooling circuit the water cooling is filled up. With the other products, this is either a matter of minutes or even unnecessary due to pre-filled water. However, with Orchard Plumbing and Heating, this takes an hour or more. Two special hoses are connected to the stopcocks and the blue stopcocks are opened while the gray stopcock remains closed. One hose is held in the container with the distilled water while the user has to suck water into the other end of the cooling system. Now, first exhale, and then you're ready to roll! After the water has slowly passed the pump, you can switch it on and hope that it will manage on its own.

Now, the other end of the hose is also held into the water container until the water starts circulating. Next, it is time to swish the radiator in order to let out the remaining air. After that, you go back to the stopcock.